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Holiday Cookies – Sioux Falls Bakery

Just in case you ran out of time to make those cookie gifts and trays… we have you covered. Call in to order yourView full post »

Lemon Meringue Pie – Sioux Falls Bakery

We are getting the pies ready for the holidays. This lemon meringue is a citrus favorite.View full post »

Blueberry Pie – Sioux Falls Bakery

Homemade blueberry pie. The next best thing baking it yourself. We have them ready for take-n-bake for your holidayView full post »

Coconut Rum Pie – Sioux Falls Bakery

Coconut rum pie to add a little flavor to your holiday desserts.View full post »

Rum Spice Cupcakes – Sioux Falls Bakery

A popular favorite from last year is the rum spice cupcakes. They aren’t always available, but they available forView full post »

Bunny – Sioux Falls Bakery

We love to create all kinds of little creature to top our cakes.View full post »

Pumpkin Muffins

It’s almost that time of year again. Time for pumpkin recipes. How about a pumpkin muffin to go with your pumpkinView full post »

Brides Dress Cookie – Sioux Falls Bakery

A covered layered cookie to go with our groom cookie from last week. These for the bride.View full post »

Groom Tuxedo Cookie – Sioux Falls Bakery

Layered cookies covered in chocolate just for the groom.View full post »

Chocolate French Macaroons – Sioux Falls Bakery

Ok so we have a thing for french macaroons lately. These are a light fluffy piece of chocolate heaven.View full post »

Banana Nut Muffins – Sioux Falls Bakery

Don’t forget to eat your fruits. In the form of a banana nut muffin sounds good to us.View full post »

Chocolate Muffins – Sioux Falls Bakery

How about a little chocolate to start your day?View full post »

We heart rice krispie treats – Sioux Falls Bakery

These sweet treats can work for so many occasions, valentines, weddings and for your love.View full post »

Key Lime Pie – Sioux Falls Bakery

All of our pies and cheesecakes are available in personal sizes. Like these fabulous key lime pies.View full post »

Cream Puffs – Sioux Falls Bakery

Our cream puffs are light and fluffy and go great with your morning coffee.View full post »

French Macaroons – Sioux Falls Bakery

We are enjoying french macaroons around the bakery. They are a wonderful treat!View full post »

Blueberry Muffins

A blueberry muffin to brighten your morning.View full post »

Cupcake Variety

We have a wonderful variety of cupcakes available. Call to place your order for any occasion.View full post »

Orange Cranberry Muffins

Fresh mornings call for fresh muffins and these orange cranberry muffins with a citrus glaze are sure to hit the spot.View full post »


Just a handful of our muffins. Blueberry, Orange Cranberry, Chocolate and Pumpkin from The Cake Lady.View full post »

Vanilla Filled Cupcakes

For a light taste of vanilla. All of our cupcakes have filling inside.View full post »