19-Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set - Progressive GT-3520 International

Some tools in the kitchen take center stage - like a stand mixer, for example. It commands attention because of all the goodies it can produce with food. You can enjoy a frothy drink with a stand mixer's attachments and you can have a chocolate chip cookie (or two) with batter that's been mixed just right. But every ultra capable appliance like the stand mixer has some small tools that are used to help prepare the foods. Some of these tools are so small that you never give them much thought until you need them. If you don't have them, that small tool can stop a recipe from being made completely. Without measuring cups and spoons, some recipes won't turn out well at all because guesswork turns out recipes that you'd rather forget all about. You can buy some sets at the store, but what's really annoying about these is that the measurements are printed on. That's great when you first buy them - but over time, these measurements fade and then you're left squinting to read them. Worse - the measurements disappear altogether. Then you're back to guesswork. When you buy sets at the store, you usually get them in sets of three or four or six, which doesn't give you all the ones that you need. But the Progressive GT-3520 International 19-Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set takes care of both of those problems. First, this set doesn't use printed measurements. These measurements are engraved on with raised markings so that they're easy to see and will not disappear on you no matter how often they're used and washed. Secondly, you get a huge set of 19 pieces covering every measurement. You'll get the ones that you use often and even the ones that you use for special recipes. This set even goes the extra mile and gives the measurements in metric units as well. That means you can use any recipe you want - including those from countries basing their recipes on metrics. In this 19-piece set, you get 10 measuring cups and 9 measuring spoons. With strong handles, these measuring tools won't snap off like some cheap store-bought ones do. What's really cool about this set is that it's divided by colors, so it's easier to find which measurement you're looking for. Because these are made of durable plastic, if you need to soften chocolate or butter for a recipe by putting the cup in the microwave, you can. The sets come with rings to keep up with them, but most people prefer to store them without the rings. Each of these tools is dishwasher safe, too.


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